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On September 1, 1945, Wilhelm and Marie Harting founded a company called "Wilhelm Harting Mechanical Workshops".

In a small hall of about 100 m2 in a Minden workshop, they began to produce appliances for everyday needs.

Founder Wilhelm Harting recognized early on that the emerging German industry needed technical products. Their dedicated staff and innovative ideas helped them work towards the goal of developing a link that would be robust, easy to handle, and usable for a variety of purposes. Wilhelm Harting had long recognized the need for such a product.

Shortly afterwards, the Han® contact made its convincing market debut and continued to set a globally recognized standard. He has been the backbone of the Technology Group during all the changes.

In the meantime, HARTING Technology Group has become a global leader in providing connectivity solutions for the three most important industrial technology lifelines - data, signals and power - with 14 manufacturing sites and 43 sales companies worldwide.

The company also produces electronic cash registers for retail use, electromagnetic actuators for car and industrial series production, charging technology and cables for electric vehicles, as well as hardware and software for customers and applications in the automation, robotics and transport sectors.

"I do not want to see any products returned."

These words of Wilhelm Harting make it clear that high quality was appreciated as much then as it is today.

We provide the entire range for Harting, everything from industry to IoT / IT and plant connectors.

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