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There is a lot we all take for granted.

We expect that trams, metro trains and buses will take us safely and sustainably through our cities. We trust that water treatment plants supply us with fresh water, and that the food industry protects us from allergens and bacteria. We expect wind farms to keep the lights on and the cars to be electric. There are a million other needs that must be met every day - and a planet to take care of.

In a world shaped by population growth, urbanization, digitalisation and environmental considerations, industrial reality is the real challenge. And that is exactly where we at SKF want to be. Right in the center, ensuring reliable rotation for the real world.

Our expertise is built on the development, design and production of bearings, seals and lubrication systems. And we also offer machine health assessment, engineering and reproduction services. But what we really offer is an arena for innovation - an opportunity for our customers to use the tools we offer to explore, improve or re-evaluate the performance of their rotating equipment.

A place where even the smallest adjustment can make a big difference.

SKF bearings are found in almost everything from forest equipment, industry and construction machinery all over the world, we obtain most of them within the range of SKF, both as complete sets or just loose parts. 

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